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 Duane Dennis, Executive Director, Pathways

Los Angeles, Calif. 

We have been fortunate to work with Lorna for more than ten years, and her skills, knowledge and experience have been a great asset to our organization.

In the time we've known her Lorna has truly become a part of the Pathways team. She is always generous with her time and expertise, and has always supported and looked out for us. 

We searched for a long time for a location for our preschool program and Lorna never gave up, even when we were ready to.  Thanks to her efforts, the Eagle Rock Child Development Center became a reality and we couldn't be more proud of the special home Lorna found for it.

We greatly appreciate everything Lorna has done for our organization and for the children and families we serve.

Duane Dennis
Executive Director

Pathways | 3550 West Sixth Street Suite 500 | Los Angeles, CA 90020 |

Phone/Telefono: (213) 427 2700 | Fax: (213) 427 2701


Donald Fell, Creator/Owner 

with Dianne Fell of

Snookies Cookies, Glendale, Calif. 
     "Gosh,  What to say?  I actually get a little choked up with emotion thinking about what her help has meant to us over the years. We are so terrifically blessed to have known Lorna. My wife and I are incredibly grateful to Lorna.    She has been unbelievably wonderful to us for many many years. She is a dream come true in real estate honesty and sanity.
    Back in 1985,  my wife and I were just getting our business rolling after two very tough start up years.  I had inherited a little money and we needed to find a larger space for our business. I honestly felt we needed to try and BUY our own building, but we were very limited in cash and what we could afford in monthly expenses. I had no idea how to find a commercial broker,  so I got out the phone book and I wrote a letter stating what I wanted,  where I wanted it and how much money I had to put down. I sent that letter to 20 listings in the phone book. I got about three calls. One of them was from Lorna. As I remember, Lorna was the only one who actually made an appointment and showed up to talk to me. 


     From the very begining  I thought Lorna was really special. She was so charming and genuine. She asked alot of questions and actually seemed to listen. She knew real estate and she the knew the area we wanted to be in. She took me out to look at about 4 properties one day. I liked two of them. Lorna liked one. She took me back to the one she liked. I did not really like it that much., but Lorna could see how it would work for us. She was very patient with me and she took the time I needed to get how this could work.  
     Lorna helped me make an offer that worked so well for us. The owner carried back the financing and the down payment was perfect for us. Lorna made friends with the agent who represented the seller and this was key to the deal. We found out there were others interested in the property and Lorna handled this beautifully. The agent representing the buyer took all the offers to the owner who was out of town. Then he counter-offered on all five offers on Monday AM. Lorna called me and told me to drop everything and GET TO the sellers office and SIGN the papers.  I raced and got there in 20-30 minutes,  Lorna arrived a few minutes later. The seller's agent tried to stall, but Lorna got the counter offer in her hand and showed me where to sign,; I signed. A few moments later another buyer showed up. The seller's agent wanted to start a bidding war. Lorna pointed out that I had accepted the seller's counter-offer and if the seller's agent tried to offer the property to anyone else I would have my lawyer deal with the seller and his agent. The seller's agent got really angry, and the late arriving buyer was very upset. Then another buyer arrived and started getting upset. Lorna took me to my car and told me to go back to work and not to worry, that contractually the deal was mine. She was right.
     The escrow went smoothly and we closed on the property. We did the renovations and moved into the property and our business did really really well there. I was never sure why, but it was clearly a good location for a good price for our type of business and that neighborhood had a good working class pool of workers that was a tremendous help to us over the years. Our business stayed there from 1985 till now. When we needed more space Lorna guided and represented us thru the purchase of the building next door and the building behind us, which was a very tricky deal and a long story, but more than once Lorna saved the day. Every time we added space, we increased our business.  As the rents in the area zoomed up, I was so glad we owned our building and we had control of that part of our overhead. 
     In 2007, after 25 years in business, we sold the business. It was a very difficult decision, and a difficult thing to do. We made it thru that process, and then we decided to sell the real estate. At that time I was thinking Lorna was no longer active in real estate, so I tried another agent who was highly recommended by the agent who had sold our business. I could not believe the total incompetence. He took the listing and did nothing; most of the time I think he was not even answering his phone. After a few months, I fired him and tried another guy, recommended by another trusted financial consultant. This guy was not much better. After a year of trying to sell, I called Lorna, hoping she would just refer someone to help me. As it turned out Lorna was still in the business and active, so we very happily agreed to work on the sale of our three properties. First off, Lorna was totally honest and realistic about the actual value of the property. As this property represented a good portion of our retirement it was CRUCIAL that we got as much as possible. At the same time we really wanted to GET OUT. (We had leased back the commercial premises to the new owner of Snookies Cookies) Lorna agressively marketed the property; she got the property sold for a fair price.
      Lorna is very street- wise. She has been there and done that. She knows the L.A. area.She is practical and
level-headed. She has vision. She can see things and how they could work better than just about anyone I have ever known. Probably most important - she is very UP beat and a GREAT communicator. She will do the work and she will
communicate with people and GET DEALS DONE. She is a tremendous problem solver; I think this is because she always seems to look at things from both sides. She knows a deal has to work for both the buyer and the seller and this is key to solving any problem. At the same time, I always felt she was totally working for me and my best interests.  I think the bottom line with Lorna is just all around COMPETENCE,  above and way beyond anyone else out there that I have had any dealings with. At the same time she is just so pleasant, she brought sunshine into every deal we did.
     I have had real estate dealings in 5 other areas of the US,  but I have to say I have done the best by far in LA, and alot of that is because of Lorna's great help and advice. When I have been in trouble in other areas I would ask myself,  "What would Lorna tell me to do?" And just about every time that helped alot to get me out of my problems and back on track.  I highly recommend to anyone, work with Lorna.  She is the best. I look back over the 24 years we have known and worked with Lorna and the decisions she helped us make were wide reaching and spectacularly positive and have created a terrific impact on every part of our lives. She has made a tremendous difference in our financial security for the rest of our lives. Lorna was always there withsound solid advice, level-headed real intuition, and that breathtaking heart-warming smile. My wife and I love Lorna, and we are forever grateful that we had the privilege to work with her. She is a treasured gem of a professional and a truly sincerely good friend. 
     Sorry this went on so long. I guess I got a little carried away. But it actually felt kind of good to get it down and say it. I have thought about it many times. We were so so very very lucky to have met Lorna and had the privilege to work with her. 
Much love,

"My goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or leasing
commercial property an enjoyable and rewarding experience
for you and your organization/company.  
See what my clients have said about
my 32+ years of
commercial real estate brokerage services."
~Lorna Brittan Bank~ 
City Fare Catering, Los Angeles, Calif. 


 LB Realcorp has successfully consulted and brokered several commercial buildings
for me over the past ten years.
 By helping to define a mission / vision for each project we were able to bring the ‘big picture’
into focus and make decisions based on accurate and sound advice.
Lorna Brittan Bank has the unique gift of creating personal relationships to achieve professional results.
I highly recommend her company. 
Terry McIlhargey I President
City Fare, Inc.

City Fare Inc · Los Angeles

(p) 213.746.2224 (f) 213.746.5044


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